Six artists were invited by Google to San Francisco to try the Tilt Brush, a 3D painting program that lets you paint anything on everything around you—in virtual reality. It’s the virtual reality equivalent of a 3D printing pen, except you can create anything in a stroke, including smoke, stars, and even light itself.

The team captured the artists at work, and merged the video with their virtual work as it unfolds. This resulted in a video that shows what the artists make every time they move the Tilt Brush around.

The series of videos is called “Virtual Art Sessions.”

One of the challenges this series solves, according to Google’s Data Arts Team, is that people view virtual reality in flat screens and they are not fully grasping what the user of virtual reality is experiencing. With this series, they hope to extend the experience to viewers using any browser anywhere.

The future is, indeed, not in flat surfaces.

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