A California and Zurich based company called Moximed has recently been awarded the European CE Mark, which allows them introduce the Atlas Knee System. The device, a knee joint unloader, is designed to lower pressure applied to knee joints and possibly delay (or even prevent) costly and inevitable knee replacement surgeries.

It is similar to how shock absorbers work in vehicles. Indeed, the same principle has been applied for this device...only it is now applied to knees.

As a result of the developments, the company claims that they can help lessen damage to the knee cartilage, allowing it to last longer than it naturally would. That said, the device will require surgery to fix the implant correctly in your knee, and it will need a period of rehabilitation to allow patients to regain strength and flexibility.

Among its unique benefits are its clinically proven ability to provide pain relief, capacity to unload up to 13 kg and preserve knee joints.

Atlas Knee System/ Moximed
Potentially Pain-Free

According to the website, the system is made from "advanced biomaterials and has passed durability and biocompatibility testing,” and is ideal for anyone who suffers from pain on the inner (medial) side of the knee, particularly during activity, wants to improve physical activity or regain full range of motion, suffers from medial compartment knee osteoarthritis (OA).

The device, whether used as a preventive measure or to address certain knee conditions, may be able to restore the joint to normal loading conditions as well as alleviate pain.

And while the Atlas is not designed to provide a cure, particularly for those who suffer from OA, it does have the potential to provide relief.

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