Sensing problems in the body on the spot has always been the goal of medicine. This is why wearable tech is increasingly filled with all sorts of sensors that monitor the body's systems.

LifeWatch AG

Take for example this new offering from LifeWatch AG: the ACT (Ambulatory Cardiac Telemetry). It was approved for the market in 2015 to record and do preliminary analysis on the heart's rhythm.

It is worn as an unobtrusive pendant that can silently monitor systems day and night-- no more getting tangled up in the cords from your holter monitor.

It consists of two physical units: a small pendant with four cardiac electrodes and a smartphone programmed to be the data pre-processor and communications link to the company's monitoring centers.

You wear the pendant and electrodes on your chest, which communicate with the smartphone via Bluetooth with no user action needed. If anything wrong is detected, the smartphone automatically sends data to the company's centers and to a doctor, if necessary. Periodic data is also sent to the central office, so a doctor can see it in near-real time during the 30-day monitoring period.

Cardiac health has never been quite so futuristic.

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