Image by Images via Pxhere/Victor Tangermann

When the Trump Administration called for a ban on all flavored vape products on Wednesday, the President also shared an eyebrow-raising rationale: protecting hypothetical, vape-crazed children.

In a press conference, Trump conjured an image of "innocent children" begging their parents for some sweet, sweet Juul pods, according to video shared online by Vox's Aaron Rupar. Children, Trump told the assembled crowd, are "coming home and they're saying, 'Mom, I want to vape!'"

The call for a ban on flavored vape products is meant to stem the growing number of cases of a mysterious vaping-related lung illness that's infected hundreds and killed at least six people.

According to Trump's logic, keeping fruit-flavored Juul pods off store shelves will keep those innocent, vape-curious kids out of harms way from the poorly understood illness — by preventing their pokémon-style evolution into nicotine-hooked teens.

These Juul-demanding kids weren't the only bizarre moment at the press conference. Trump also said that First Lady Melania Trump was one of the driving forces behind the vape ban. According to another video posted by Rupar, Trump almost seemed to imply that his son Barron wasn't his own child.

"She's got a son — together — that's a beautiful young man, and she feels very very strongly about it," Trump said.

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