Image by Victor Tangermann

General David Thompson, the U.S. Space Force's second-in-command, has tested positive for the coronavirus.

"He took the test today after learning that a close family member, with whom he had contact, tested positive for the virus," reads an official statement.

Thompson is now quarantining and working remotely from home.

"The U.S. Space Force remains operationally ready to answer the Nation’s call," the US military's space service branch said.

Thompson also was present at the induction of the Space Force's first-ever recruits on October 21, as points out.

Two other top military officials also tested positive earlier this month, including Marine Corps General Gary Thomas, and Coast Guard Admiral Charles Ray — the latter of whom attended an event at the White House on September 27 and announced he had tested positive for the virus on October 6.

The White House itself has actively contributed to the spread of the coronavirus, with top infectious-disease expert Anthony Fauci claiming that the White House held a superspreader event earlier this month. Several senior officials, including the President himself, have tested positive for the coronavirus since.