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Studies have shown that a lack of sleep may negatively impact your health, weight, mood, and even mental state. Getting behind the wheel of a car after an all-nighter, for example, is like driving with a blood alcohol concentration of .10, according to the National Sleep Foundation (the legal limit in the US is .08%). 

Despite the well-documented benefits of a full-night's sleep, many of us don't make time for it. Others, for whatever reason, just can't attain quality rest. Either way, it's evident that we're setting ourselves up for some rough mornings. Wake up groggy, overdo the caffeine, try to go to bed early the next night, repeat.

Innovative thinking could put an end to this cycle. While technology has dramatically changed the way we approach various other aspects of our health, the use of new tech in the bedroom (at least as far as sleep is concerned) remains relatively uncommon. With the recent wave of sleep-focused innovation, that's starting to change.

From melatonin-inducing pillow cases to cell-oxygenating blankets, these tools can bring your bedroom into the 21st century, and help you attain a better night's rest than you ever thought possible – resulting in a safer, happier, healthier you.

Night Pillow


As you might expect, the Night Pillow was designed to provide you with maximum comfort, resulting in a better night’s sleep. However, thanks to “high-quality materials with advanced engineering and radical design," the creators of the Night Pillow claim their product also results in better hair and skin.

According to the Night Pillow's website, the signature midnight-black TriSilk™ pillowcase negates light and boosts your natural melatonin production. It also causes less friction on your skin and hair than traditional pillowcases, which prevents skin irritation and hair breakage. And unlike other cases, the TriSilk™ is nonabsorbent, so your hair and skin stay hydrated while your moisturizer and hair products stay put. Best of all, the pillow is stuffed with hypoallergenic polyurethane memory foam which, aside from being cool and comfortable to sleep on, is resistant to dust mites, mold, and mildew.

The Gravity Blanket


Gravity is a "premium-grade, therapeutic weighted blanket that harnesses the power of deep touch stimulation to gently distribute pressure across your body." Engineered to be around 10 percent of your body weight, Gravity's creators say the blanket helps relax the nervous system by simulating the feeling of being held. This, they claim, increases serotonin and melatonin levels and decreases cortisol levels, improving your mood and promoting restful sleep at the same time.

Gravity isn’t just for sleep. It can be used while you’re reading in bed, as you relax on your couch, or while you meditate. Best of all? Gravity is engineered with breathable materials, so you’ll never be too hot underneath the covers.

The Spartan

Brooklyn Bedding

The Spartan mattress from Brooklyn Bedding uses patented technology to harness and recycle the body’s natural energy while you sleep. According to the Spartan’s creators, this results in better sleep and faster rejuvenation, and “delivers extreme recovery for the extreme athlete in all of us.”

The mattress features “an exclusive FDA approved performance top made of patented Nanobionic RE-3™ technology [...] clinically proven to increase oxygenation and improve circulation as well as sleep quality, health and wellness.” It also features a 1.5-inch layer of patented, antimicrobial CopperGel Energex™ foam for body contouring and targeted pressure point relief, and a 2-inch layer of TitanFlex™ foam that immediately adjusts to your movements and provides “cloud-like comfort.” The mattress also maintains an ideal temperature of 88 degrees thanks to TitanCool™ technology.

Yaasa Studios Infinity Blanket

Citizen Goods

Makers or the Yaasa Infinity Blanket claim their product enhances rest by increasing local blood flow. It does this by using Celliant® Fabric Technology to recycle the body's natural heat energy into infrared light and reflect it back into the body's tissue.

Each blanket is a blend of 72-percent organic cotton and 28-percent Celliant Polyester, and contains the contents of up to 12 recycled water bottles. But aside from being eco-friendly and extremely comfortable, the blanket’s unique Celliant® fiber technology increases blood flow, energy, strength, and endurance. According to the Yaasa website, third-party clinical trials conducted at top-tier universities have proven the effectiveness of Celliant® technology. And the FDA has determined that Celliant products such as the Infinity Blanket should be considered “medical devices” and “general wellness products.”

It doesn't take a scientist to understand the importance of a good-night's sleep. However, it did take multiple scientists to create some of the sleep-enhancing products listed above. So if you're serious about using technology to improve the quality of your sleep as well as your overall health, these items are a great place to start.

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