25 May 2020
@leonardocarella via Twitter

Quarantined Italians Are Singing, Playing Music on Balconies

The sweeter side of dystopia.
by Dan Robitzski / March 16 2020

Right now, Italy is facing the most severe outbreak of COVID-19 outside of mainland China — and video shows that the populace is going to unusual lengths to keep itself entertained while in quarantine.

The entire country is currently under lockdown, with thousands of casualties and tens of thousands infected. So residents of a number of Italian cities have taken to keeping each other amused by holding impromptu concerts, either singing or playing music from their balconies.

In one video from Turin, people can be heard joining in as Maracena is blasted from a nearby home.

It’s an unusual moment: Uplifting moments of community action and solidarity in the face of a viral pandemic that has residents stuck in their homes for the foreseeable future — and a reminder that people hit by quarantines and lockdowns need to find ways to cope and continue living.

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