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If you’re trying to quit smoking and having a hard time doing it, you’ve already learned firsthand one of the worst things about nicotine: it’s addictive. But ending a nicotine addiction is a lot easier with the help of an aid like Oklahoma Smokes. These hemp flower cigarettes let you maintain all the rituals and enjoyment of smoking without any nicotine or tobacco, so you can essentially quit nicotine before you quit smoking cold turkey.

Oklahoma Smokes are cigarettes that replace traditional tobacco with hemp flower, which doesn’t have nicotine, isn’t habit-forming, and is just as satisfying to smoke. You might say that Oklahoma Smokes are an alternative to cigarettes, but then again you might not, since for most intents and purposes, they ARE cigarettes, albeit ones that are nicotine-free.

Oklahoma Smokes might be as close as you can get to regular cigarettes without consuming nicotine, but they’re also a documented way to kick the habit for good. They’ve been demonstrated to help people quit their cigarette habit, in part because they allow you retain all the familiar and comfortable aspects of smoking that contribute to making that habit so hard to kick.

With Oklahoma Smokes, you can continue to enjoy your traditional after-dinner cigarette or cigarette with coffee, while at the same time working to quit smoking for good. In short: Oklahoma Smokes are a way to quit nicotine and tobacco without quitting smoking. And when you use Oklahoma Smokes in conjunction with other quitting aids like nicotine patches or gum, their effectiveness tends to increase significantly.

But unlike a patch or gum, you can actually smoke them. These hemp flower cigarettes are engineered to replicate the traditional smoking experience as much as possible. The biggest difference, other than the lack of tobacco and nicotine, is probably in the paper. It tends to burn a little faster than a regular cigarette does, due to the use of organic, all-natural rolling paper with no additives.

Oklahoma Smokes Hemp Flower Cigarettes Are Completely Tobacco-Free and Non-Habit Forming

Oklahoma Smokes

The hemp flower found in each Oklahoma Smokes cigarette contains a small amount of CBD, which carries with it an array of well-known benefits. Enjoying one can make you feel calm and relaxed, which is always a good thing, but is especially desirable when you’re in the middle of an attempt to give up smoking. If you’ve already tried to quit and failed, Oklahoma Smokes could be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

If you’re looking for a way to kick nicotine without kicking smoking altogether, Oklahoma Smokes are almost tailor-made to suit your needs. You can get a single pack of 20 for $15.99, but you can sign up for a subscription plan and save a little money by having fresh packs delivered to your door every month. There are also special incentives for buying more, like free shipping when you buy a pack of three, a mystery gift with a pack of four, and a ten-percent discount when you buy a whole carton.

Head over to the Oklahoma Smokes online shop now for more information, and to order yours now.

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