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It seems safe to say that these days, pretty much everyone, smoker and non-smoker alike, is aware that nicotine is bad for you. It’s addictive for one thing, and it also has plenty of other negative side-effects on your physical and mental health. But one thing you might not know if you’re a smoker is that you don’t really have to give up smoking in order to stop using nicotine. Instead, you can take up Oklahoma Smokes hemp flower cigarettes, a totally nicotine-free alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

In point of fact, it isn’t quite accurate to call Oklahoma Smokes an alternative to cigarettes, since for all intents and purposes they are cigarettes. They’re just rolled with hemp flower instead of tobacco, and contain no nicotine, won’t form a habit, and are just as satisfying to smoke as normal cigs.

If you are planning to give up smoking, Oklahoma Smokes are a great way to start on that difficult path, since it allows you to retain the rituals of smoking without the nicotine. Most smokers will tell you that missing your after-dinner cigarette or not having anything to do with your hands can make quitting just as difficult as actual nicotine withdrawal. The only tangible difference between an Oklahoma Smoke hemp flower cigarette and a regular cigarette is in the paper, which thanks to its being made without additives, burns a little faster than the paper used by normal cigarette manufacturers. Other than that somewhat faster smoke, you’ll find Oklahoma Smokes to be just as satisfying and pleasurable to smoke as whatever your usual brand might be.


Oklahoma Smokes

Research indicates that Oklahoma Smokes can serve as an effective quitting aid, especially when used in conjunction with other quitting aids like nicotine patches or gum. And unlike those other aids, you can actually smoke Oklahoma Smokes. They allow you to phase tobacco and nicotine out from your daily routine before you phase out smoking altogether.

Smoking Oklahoma Smokes in lieu of regular cigarettes will give you a pleasurable smoke that will help rather than hinder your attempt to give up your cigarette habit. They’re designed and rolled with the purpose of replicating traditional cigarettes as closely as possible but without the once integral component of tobacco. Hemp flower doesn’t have nicotine, but it does contain CBD, so Oklahoma Smokes can give you all the benefits of that miraculous substance, like a feeling of calm and relaxation after every smoke that will easily replace the nicotine-shaped hole in your life. And if you have a serious cigarette habit and you’ve tried everything in order to shake the habit, Oklahoma Smokes are a great way to quit tobacco before you quit smoking.

So if you’re ready to quit smoking tobacco, but not quite ready to quit smoking cigarettes, Oklahoma Smokes are a great option. And if you buy more, you can save, either with a regular subscription, a larger quantity, or both. So head over to the Oklahoma Smokes online store and stock up now.

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