So, CBD is just a trend, right? While manufacturers are pumping out all manner of cannabidiol-infused products, can we expect to find them clogging up the back of our closets one day soon? Will they be hiding out back there with the Jazzercise VHS videos, bottles of ephedra and the Shake Weight?

If you're expecting the current fad of CBD oils, balms, gummies and other extract goodies to gradually start disappearing in the coming years, you're likely in for a long wait. After 2,000 years of demonization, the cannabis plant is finally getting its day in the Sun — and it's raging hard with the faithful. Now, product makers can extract the positive, healing properties of the plant from the psychoactive elements that gave marijuana the bad rap in the first place, and the commercial floodgates have opened.

Scientific studies are underway to find out if centuries of anecdotal claims are actually correct — that CBD can have a positive, tangible, long-term effect on those suffering from a host of medical and psychological maladies.

But I'm fine. Can CBD help me?

While all that is an interesting backdrop to the modern world of wellness, exactly what does CBD have to do with me, I asked? More importantly, what could CBD oil offer to improve my day-to-day 2021 existence? I'm a middle-aged guy who's never been a regular marijuana or CBD user. I've luckily never suffered from any serious medical or psychological conditions. Heck, I even usually sleep fairly well.

It was with that natural inherent skepticism that I launched a 10-day campaign using oHHo Full Spectrum CBD Oil. My question wasn't to determine if CBD could tamp down my arthritis pain or soothe my raging anxiety issues or solve any brain health concerns. As I said, I'm a fairly healthy guy with no significant lingering issues. ... Knock on wood.

So could a guy like me take CBD oil for 10 days and feel a real, noticeable, measurable impact in my regular life? The surprising answer (surprising for me, anyway) was a measured yes. Yes, I think it probably did, although, it wasn't revelatory. And it really wasn't in the ways I would have expected a week before, either.

First, some caveats. I didn't do any pre and post-CBD medical testing, so I can't assess if CBD affected some of the more tangible claims of CBD proponents, like its effect as a natural treatment to lower blood pressure or reduce stroke possibilities.

Instead, I went the holistic route. How did I feel during my 10 days of regular CBD use? What I discovered was pretty darn good, thanks for asking.

I started my first day by taking the recommended 0.5ml dose in mid-morning to see if I could gauge any effects. My oil was sourced from New York, while other oHHo oil products can come from grow sites in Oregon, Colorado, or Vermont.

While I wanted to see if CBD would have a noticeable impact on me, it was definitely a rookie move to take it with hours left in my waking day. Because even with the mild dose, I started feeling a little drowsy. Not GHB-level drowsy, but definitely a bit slow and sluggish for a while. From then on, it was decided that CBD time was going to join Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, and Jimmy Fallon as part of the late-night gang.

Beige-tinted and mostly odorless, I moved to taking my daily woodsy, herbal-tasting squirt from the dropper under my tongue right before bedtime. And no, there were no days of twiddling my thumbs and waiting to fall asleep. While I might usually be awake for a while reading or scrolling the newsfeeds, the oHHo Oil put a swift end to all that, gently lulling me to sleep within about 30 minutes.

I didn't notice much in the way of reaction to the oil over the first couple of days, but once the experiment crept into days 4, 5, and beyond, I did start to make some discoveries.

oHHo CBD oil lives up to the hype

Sure, it wasn't a cloud-parting lightning bolt from the cosmos enlightenment, but I did start to notice an absence. It felt like the small aches and pains didn't quite hit me the same way they usually did.

Normally, my back or neck might routinely feel some tightness or even a little nagging pain after too many hours sitting behind a desk. But it struck me that my multiple hours of sitting now generated ... nothing. While I can't say that traditional joint and muscle pain is an everyday occurrence for me, I can say the notable absence did become apparent after a few days of use.

There was also a general lack of muscle burn or fatigue after my daily morning 3.5-mile walk. Again, that regular exercise regimen doesn't usually produce significant pain. But while muscles might tug a bit or feet could feel a little sore after all that pounding, the effects of that exercise never raised their head in the wake of my CBD oil experimentation.

It's an anecdotal reaction, for sure. But maybe there's something to all this CBD oil, after all. While my CBD usage wasn't life-altering, it was definitely intriguing enough for me to continue the experiment and see what long-term benefits could come from the use.

As this burgeoning CBD trend proves, I'm not the only one throwing a curious glance and waiting for more potential results. After learning about my time using oHHo CBD oil, my 70-ish-year-old mom asked me plenty of questions about it and openly wondered if it could be an answer to her ongoing neuropathy pain.  Try oHHo's full line of Full Spectrum CBD oils for 20% off with code FUTURISM20 today.

Meanwhile, the journey continues ...

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