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These CBD Prerolls Offer the Mellow Smoking Experience of Yesteryear

Dad Grass CBD and CBG joints help you relax, but won't knock you off your feet.

9. 2. 21 by Futurism Creative
Dad Grass
Image by Dad Grass

Recreational cannabis use is on the rise, thanks in part to lawmakers in many US states belatedly coming to their senses and decriminalizing the practice in 17 states and counting. As a result of this new legality, there are more choices for pure and high quality weed available than ever before, which is great. But as many have already noticed, most of the strains floating around out there have extremely high THC levels that can knock you off your feet for hours. Put simply, it’s not your parents’ weed anymore. But with Dad Grass CBD prerolls, you can enjoy a mellow smoking experience that gives you all the benefits of CBD but with the terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids that give you the full cannabis experience. And with the new Dad Grass Parent Pack, you can give Mom Grass a try and enjoy pre-rolled CBG joints as well.

Dad Grass CBD Prerolls: Mellow and Relaxing 

Image via Dad Grass

The benefits of CBD are well known. But in case you need a refresher, enjoying tasty Dad Grass CBD prerolls will leave you feeling relaxed and mellow, with no paranoia or anxiety. If you’re looking for a joint that will alter your mood without altering your mind, Dad Grass is for you.

Mom Grass: A New CBG Joint from Dad Grass

Image via Dad Grass

On the other hand, Mom Grass incorporates CBG, what cannabis expert Dr. Ethan Russo of medical cannabis think tank CReDO Science calls “the next big thing.” Russo goes on: ““it’s one of those things the industry has slowly gotten around to looking at.” That’s because CBG provides smokers with reduced tension and stress, as well as an overall sense of calm. As one Mom Joints fan put it:

“It has a nice mellowing effect on the body. I felt the tension of my shoulders melt away once I smoked it. Definitely got a nice happy feeling after, too.”

All Dad Grass products confer a relaxed body and mind, a smooth buzz, and pleasant mood, all while allowing you to maintain a clear head. But where Dad Grass CBD joints have more of a deep and chilled out vibe, Mom Grass CBG joints give you a calm and grounded, “tuned in” feeling. You’ll feel Dad Grass more heavily in your head, but Mom Grass gives you more of a light on your toes “body high.” Enjoyers of Dad Grass will feel groovy and carefree while enjoyers of Mom Grass will feel creative and energized. And Dad Grass melts the anxieties of the day away while Mom Grass lets you stay focused and present in the moment.


But the only way to really know the difference between Dad Grass and Mom Grass is to try them both for yourself. Which is exactly why the Dad Grass Parent Pack is such a great buy. For just $66 you can get a five-pack each of both Dad Grass and Mom Grass pre-rolled joints. If you’re new to the Dad Grass scene, the Parent Pack is an ideal way to get started.

So if you’re ready to make this party a family affair, you can order your own Dad Grass Parent Pack at the Dad Grass online store here.

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