MIT Reveals That Current Electric Cars Could Viably Replace 90% of Today’s Vehicles

That 0 emissions future we're yearning for might be happening soon!

8. 17. 16 by Ramon Perez
Image by Futurism/LPM

A study on electric vehicles has shown, contrary to popular belief, electric vehicles can now replace conventional vehicles on the market today. 

A study coming from MIT, published in the journal Nature Energylooked at data regarding current use of vehicles and came to the conclusion that “Roughly 90 percent of the personal vehicles on the road daily could be replaced by a low-cost electric vehicle available on the market today, even if the cars can only charge overnight…which would more than meet near-term U.S. climate targets for personal vehicle travel.”

Photo: Ssuaphoto

From the running costs of electric vehicles to their environmental benefits, there are some great advantages to making the switch. This kind of change could play a significant role in meeting climate change mitigation goals. Overall, even when accounting for the emissions from the power plants which provide the electricity, this would lead to an approximately 30 percent reduction in transportation emissions.

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