A lot has happened since the dawn of the known universe. Over billions of years, stars, planets, and galaxies formed out of gas and dust. Atoms collided to create molecules that came to life and evolved from single cell organisms into complex life. Entire species of spectacular giants came and went millions of years before we ever existed. And humans have gone from cave-dwelling hunter-gatherers who lived in simple band societies to technologically advanced beings who can build supercomputers and send robots to explore the furthest reaches of our solar system. It’s all pretty damn amazing when you stop and think about it. And now, thanks to the Mini Museum 4th Edition, you can hold these wonders in the palm of your hand and explore them from the comfort of your living room.

Own Priceless Pieces Of History

Image via Mini Museum

What is the Mini Museum? Well, company founder Hans Fex wasn’t being clever when he chose a name for his lifelong passion project back in 2014. The Mini Museum is quite literally a one-of-a-kind collection of rare miniature specimens and artifacts spanning billions of years of natural and human history. Each one is a limited edition, completely handcrafted by Mini Museum’s dedicated team of archivists and curators, and is laser etched with a unique identification number.

The Mini Museum 4th Edition contains 29 incredible specimens. They include extraterrestrial amino acids dating back to the origins of our solar system; igneous rock produced from the cataclysmic volcanic eruptions that caused the greatest extinction event in earth’s history; a fragment of a raptor bone; a chunk of Sarcosuchus armor; a piece of a saber-tooth tiger bone; a piece of tile from an Ancient Roman bath house; a fragment of the original Hollywood sign salvaged in 1878; water from the Amazon river; a fragment of shield window from the Manhattan Project; a piece of a punching bag once used by Muhammad Ali; a piece of tile from the first Space Shuttle, and much more.

Until recently, all Mini Museum collections came beautifully encased and clearly labeled in an acrylic block the size of a small book, which you can easily hold in your hands or display on a shelf. However, with the Mini Museum 4th edition, you now get a choice between the traditional acrylic display and a touch-accessible display that allows you to pick up and examine each individual specimen.

A New Way To Experience The Mini Museum

Image via Mini Museum

While the traditional acrylic version is probably best if you want to share with a younger audience, the all new Touch edition of the Mini Museum 4th Edition offers collectors the unprecedented ability to remove the specimens from their individual acrylic jars for careful study. With the 4th Edition Touch, all 29 jars are housed in a beautiful glass-topped riker display case measuring 14½ x 8 x 1 inches. And just like the classic acrylic Mini Museum 4th Edition, the Mini Museum 4th Edition Touch comes with a detailed printed companion booklet and a certificate of authenticity.

The Mini Museum is specifically designed to give regular everyday people unprecedented access to priceless pieces of history. If you’re looking for an amazing once-in-a-lifetime gift for a science or history buff in your life—or if you’re just in the mood to treat yourself—the 4th Edition will not disappoint. Order yours today before they’re all sold out.

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