As coding and engineering become less about specialized skills and more tools anyone can use, the future is opening up to amazing possibilities. Among those are the power of microcontrollers to create your own gear, and the Ultimate ESP32 Course Bundle opens the door to some truly amazing DIY gear. Typically $200, it's on sale for only $49.99 for a limited time. 

What Is The ESP32?

The ESP32 is a "system-on-chip" microcontroller with a dual-core processor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a multitude of ways to connect it to other chips and systems. As it doesn't need much power, it's ideal for makers, IoT devices, and others who need a lot of power without a lot of batteries.

They can be tied to other systems to do specific jobs, or serve as the central brain of a project. The only question is how to effectively use them.

Make Anything Smart

Each course in this bundle is led by Peter Dalmaris, the founder of electronics education company, Tech Explorations. An experienced electrical and computer engineer, Dalmaris launched Tech Explorations because he found the articles and videos available at the time lacking in educational focus.

The four courses build on each other, moving from an overview of ESP32 microcontrollers and how they interact with other maker tech like Arduino. From there, it moves into how to connect them to simple inputs and outputs, such as LEDs and buttons, before exploring connecting to near-field devices and the internet. The next course looks at how you can use flow development tools like NODE-Red on microcontrollers to automate tasks, with the final course looking at MicroPython, with two capstone projects to put all your knowledge to work.

The bundle also includes the ebook Maker Education Revolution, which shows parents and educators how to weave the techniques and wonder of inventors and makers into kids' education. You'll also receive a certificate upon completing the bundle, which will endorse your skills in building with ESP32. 

Normally $200, you can take $150 off and purchase The Ultimate ESP32 Course Bundle today for just $49.99.

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