Space is an increasingly busy place, especially with the influx of billionaire-funded space launches. And while that's led to scientific innovation and growing space programs, these trips mostly fall short of our nearest neighbor: the Moon.

This renewed interest in space will inevitably result in more frequent trips to the Moon, creating new opportunities to celebrate and remember those we love. LifeShip has three different ways to give the Moon a personal meaning, and astronomy lovers can take 15 percent off these kits using code ANNUAL15 as part of our Semi-Annual Sale.

What Is LifeShip?

Built on the idea that we all have a role in exploring space, LifeShip is working to preserve the genetic biodiversity and memory of Earth. It does this by preserving genetic material, cremains, and other biological material in synthetic amber.

Once it's preserved, it's stored in a time capsule sent to the Moon as part of space missions up there. This is for two reasons: One, it gives the Moon personal meaning; you can look up and always know where a little bit of somebody you love is.

Two, the Moon is ideal for protecting and preserving important material. There's very little that can damage the capsule once it's placed, and the lander includes a biosphere biobank and a full archive of Wikipedia to preserve a sense of the Earth.

How Does It Work?

First, choose your LifeShip kit. There's an Ashes Kit is for those who've left us, a DNA Kit for those still with us, and a Pet Kit for our animals. Simply take the sample as noted in the instructions, and mail it to LifeShip with a prepaid return envelope included.

Then, when your capsule mission is scheduled, you'll get a VIP pass to watch the launch live, and get a personalized digital certificate when the lander arrives. You'll not only back up your DNA, but you'll also help back up the Earth.

Get LifeShip’s Ashes Kit for $305.99 (reg. $399) with code ANNUAL15.

Get LifeShip’s DNA Kit for $76.49 (reg. $99) with code ANNUAL15.

Get LifeShip's Pet Kit for $76.49 (reg. $99) with code ANNUAL15.

Prices subject to change.

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