As video games increasingly bleed into the real world, learning how to develop your own is becoming easier. New tools, like the Unity development environment, and new methods of getting games in front of players have opened it up to artists, educators, and even more. This Build A Bundle deal will bring you into the gaming revolution, on your terms.

Developed by Zenva Academy, which has a 4.4/5 instructor rating, and is dedicated to teaching code through game design and other fun approaches, each of the 20 courses you can choose have been developed around learning by doing. Over the course of each, you'll build a video game to learn both the coding and the art behind making something people can't put down. Each course offers downloadable project files, so you can keep tinkering with your game when you've finished the course, and experiment with new approaches and mechanics.

So why build a bundle? To choose the games and genres you're most interested in. While learning to make any game will sharpen your coding and design skills, if you enjoy playing what you build, you'll get more out of the course. That's why the bundle is built on a sliding scale. You can try three courses for free, add two more for just $1, buy seven courses for $5, or ten courses for $8. Want the whole bundle? That's just $15, saving you 85% off the MSRP. This unique payment structure helps make this bundle an affordable, quality collection of educational materials.

You also have your choice of engines, including Unreal, Phaser, Godot, and Unity, making first-person shooters, RPGs, platformers, and new versions of arcade classics. Whether you already know what game you want to make, or just want to try new development environments, it's ideal for anyone who wants to learn more about coding and gaming, and for families to learn how the games they love work.

Prices subject to change.

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