These days, you can play modern video games in a car's dashboard, but it wasn't so long ago that video games were confined to huge bulky consoles in the den. If you're missing that feeling of playing a 2D classic on the rug downstairs, the Mini Game Entertainment System with 620 Built-In Classic Games brings back that feeling, in a much smaller package.

The Feeling You Remember

As you can see above, this tiny console has everything you remember, right down to a button you have to push in on the case itself to boot the system. And yes, the reset key is there for those moments of true frustration.

The included joypads plug into the system using wires as well, so you can cross the living room with wires, just like back in the day. There is one difference, though: Since this is about the size and thickness of a decent paperback, you can tuck it and the cables into jacket pockets and suitcases to bring it with you.

The Games You Remember

As for the games, you'll find over 600 of them, all of them directly from the era with no changes or alterations. Yes, that does mean you'll probably get stuck on that one level again, but consider it a chance to finally learn how to beat it without your older sibling to help you.

This does have one other advantage over the old systems, though, that any adult will appreciate. It uses either traditional A/V ports or HDMI hookups, so you won't need to mess with many wires to get it connected to any TV. Bring it to your next family gathering, set it up in a hotel room for rainy days, or hook it up to a portable device on the road to keep playing.

Get the Mini Game Entertainment System with 620 Built-In Classic Games for $36.


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