If you’ve been working from home a lot over the last year, you’re acutely aware of just how noisy your homes (and the homes of your colleagues) can really be. And if you don’t have the ability to convert any of your rooms into a soundproof office, and don’t feel like taking your calls in a closet, you might think you don’t have any options. But with the Krisp noise cancelling app, you can turn any room in your home into a totally quiet meeting space, at least as far as the people on the other end of your call are concerned.

Telecommuters the world over have already discovered the way Krisp can provide crystal-clear audio to calls and video conferences. It works by filtering out any and all unwanted noises from the voices you actually want to hear. It’s compatible with Skype, Zoom, Meet, and more than 800 other online communications platforms. So no matter what you use to telecommute, it’s a safe bet that Krisp can make your calls quieter and clearer.



Wondering how it works? Krisp couldn’t be easier to install and use, but the technology that makes it work is actually quite advanced. With sophisticated AI powered by its own Deep Neural Network, Krisp analyzed 20,000 sounds and 50,000 speakers in order to be able to tell the difference between good sound and bad. This makes Krisp significantly better than most other “noise-cancelling” products out there, like headphones that filter out all outside noise from whatever it is you’re listening to. That’s great for listening to music, or sleeping in absolute silence, but it lacks the precision of Krisp, which can intelligently filter the sounds you want from the sounds you don’t, resulting in crystal clarity and perfect quiet on both ends of your conference calls.

Put simply, Krisp creates a layer of quiet between the microphones and speakers in your calls and video conferences. But the best way to learn how it works is to try it yourself, which you can do for free right now. In fact, there’s a free version of Krisp that you can use all the time, which gives you full use of the app for up to two hours a week. But if you telecommute more often than that, you’ll more likely prefer Krisp premium, which offers unlimited use for just $3.33 per month, billed annually -- a small price to pay for peace and quiet.

Whichever version of Krisp is right for you, you can get more info and sign up now at the official Krisp site. Once you get it up and running, the noisiest room in your house will essentially become a nice, peaceful meeting room. So don't wait. Sign up for your free Krisp app, today.

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