In the last year, for reasons we're all familiar with, working from home became “the new normal” for millions of people. That, in turn, means that more and more of us are realizing the annoyances and distractions that come with video conferences. Zoom meetings and other online video calls can be easily interrupted or derailed by random noises from around your home such as kids, pets, or even household appliances. That's why the Krisp noise cancelling app is so vital to anyone who works from home.

Krisp Noise Cancelling App - Try The Free Version Now


Telecommuters all over the world use Krisp to turn their homes into quiet meeting rooms with crystal-clear audio. It works by filtering out all unwanted sounds from both ends of any communication on more than 800 communications apps like Zoom, Skype, and Meet. That's right. It works with both ends of the call, even if others on the call aren't using the app on there end.

How is this possible? Krisp uses sophisticated AI by way of a Deep Neural Network that’s learned how to meticulously distinguish signal from noise. It analyzed 20,000 sounds and 50,000 speakers in order to accomplish this feat, which puts it head and shoulders above a lot of other so-called “noise cancelling” products out there -- including expensive headphones that just block out all sounds completely to create artificial quiet. That’s good for when you’re listening to music or trying to get some sleep. But Krisp is on another level. It can intelligently filter the sounds you want from the sounds you don't, and the result is crystal clarity and perfect quiet on both ends of your conference calls.

Krisp is powered by advanced, but complicated, technology. However, in everyday use, it couldn’t be simpler. It basically creates a layer of quiet separating your microphone and speaker from whatever communications apps you prefer. But if you're skeptical, there’s a free version that’s perfect for occasional telecommuters. It lets you enjoy its benefits for up to 120 minutes a week.

For power users, there’s Krisp premium, priced at a very affordable $3.33 per month, billed annually. Give the free version a try, and if you like it, go for Krisp premium for unlimited use. And if you’re in charge of an entire office space or call center, you can grab Krisp’s Enterprise plan, with pricing available upon request.

Whichever version of Krisp you end up using, you can rest assured that your calls will remain 100-percent private. That's because all of the app's processing is done locally on your device, with no storage or transmission of your audio of any kind. So there’s no possibility that anyone could monitor or spy on your calls through the app.

If you’re ready to improve the audio quality of your conference calls, Zoom meetings, or other communication apps, head over to the Krisp website and sign up now, and transform the loudest, most hectic room in your home into a private, quiet meeting space.

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