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This Free Noise Canceling App Mutes Background Noise on Your Conference Calls

Krisp is trusted by teleconferencing professionals the world over.

7. 7. 20 by Futurism Creative
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Now more than ever, people are working from home, which in turn means that more meetings and calls are being disrupted by those inevitable bursts of ambient noise from pets, kids, spouses, and whatever else is making noise while you’re trying to work. It may only be a momentary annoyance for those on the other side, but it’s mortifying to have that annoyance stem from your own home, especially if the call or video conference is an important one. Luckily, now, there’s a solution to the problem of working from home in a noisy household: Krisp, the noise-canceling app that’s trusted by telecommuters all over the world.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t find a corner of your house that’s quiet enough for your work-from-home conference calls? Krisp solves that problem by making every part of your house a quiet corner, at least as far as the people on the other end of your calls are concerned. Krisp lets you mute all background noise in your internet communications, with support for more than 800 different apps and counting.

How does it work? Krisp creates quiet and clarity by way of sophisticated AI technology supported by a Deep Neural Network. 20,000 sounds and 50,000 speakers were analyzed in order to create an app that can pick out noise from actual worthwhile sound, and screen it both coming and going. That’s right! In addition to canceling out noise from your own environment, Krisp can also cancel out noise from the people you’re talking with even if they aren’t using it. This creates an altogether more effective and clear connection between callers.

You can get more information on how Krisp works, including a demonstration of the app in action, at the official Krisp site. But put simply it’s an additional layer between your microphone/speaker setup and whatever teleconferencing apps you prefer that can block out noise from all sides.


Krisp: Try the Free Version of This Noise Canceling App Today

Krisp has a premium version for power users that’s priced at $3.33 per month and billed annually, but it’s also available in a completely free version that’s designed for occasional remote workers with up to 120 minutes of use per week. It’s compatible with iOS devices as well as Windows, Mac, and Chrome, and the aforementioned 800+ communications app including Zoom, Meet, and other comparable services. And there’s also an Enterprise plan for larger businesses and call centers, with pricing available on request.

Concerned about privacy? It’s understandable, given that Krisp will have a hand in all your audio and video conferences for the foreseeable future. But since all audio processing is performed locally on your device, there’s no risk of monitoring, or of your calls being spied on or recorded through the app.

So if you’re ready to turn the noisiest room in your house into the quiet meeting space of your dreams, head over to the official Krisp site to download the app for free and give it a try right now.

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