Prior to the arrival of COVID-19, the United States already had over 7 million people working remotely. We don't need statistics to know how that number increased over the course of this year, and it's widely believed that traditional office structures are not the way of the future. Employers and freelancers who want to take advantage of modern technology and trends will guide the future of work towards more flexible office options.

From fully remote teams to hybrid working models that call for in-person meetings, some usable meeting space, and an expansive physical presence — the need for widely distributed, well-curated co-working spaces is growing every second. One great example of a modern office space provider, Industrious, is making going back to the office fun, safe, easy, and flexible for professionals around the world.

Whether you're an employee, executive, or entrepreneur — if your business lends itself to working remotely, then it's worth doing you and your employees' a favor and taking advantage of a well-built support system. A flexible workspace like Industrious makes it easy to come into the office just a few days a week or to work at different locations around the world.

Forget about buying your own furniture, investing in your own security, or even setting up the Wi-Fi. Simplify the traditional lease process, and seek out an all-encompassing office solutions provider. Industrious is a great option, especially because they create fantastic days for members, earning top customer satisfaction scores compared to others across the industry. Its average rating of 4.9/5.0 is also among the highest across Google and Yelp.

With over 100 locations around the world, Industrious's international network connects over 50 markets and serves as a platform for bustling startups, famous Fortune 500s, and household names like Pfizer, Salesforce, and Spotify.

Industrious is not a typical co-working space, which means it's not an open space where a constant flow of young freelancers stands shoulder-to-shoulder coding the day away. They instead cater to established entrepreneurs and businesses looking to set up shop in a high-quality, versatile professional environment.

In addition to its many attributes, this full-service office provider has a limited-time special offer. To get a taste of a twice a week office that can support building a business on your own terms, enjoy a free day of co-working when you take a tour at any Industrious locations.

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