There are many benefits to working from home. Even before the covid-19 pandemic, working from home had definite advantages -- no commute for one thing. However, there are many downsides as well. Specifically, there are constant distractions. But with an Autonomous WorkPod, you can work from home in a dedicated, distraction-free home office space without the hassle and expense of putting an extension on your house. That's because it will fit in almost any back yard.

The old way of constructing a home office can be time-consuming as well as expensive. But an Autonomous WorkPod takes just a few hours to assemble, and was designed so that pretty much anyone can put it together. The company calls it “the ultimate Lego set for adults,” which certainly beats out converting an old bedroom, or putting your house in shambles for months while a traditional extension is completed by costly contractors.

The Autonomous WorkPod: A Fast, Easy, and All-Inclusive Home Office for Your Backyard



You might assume that you’d be sacrificing quality and durability for convenience and simplicity, compared to a traditional onsite structure. But that simply isn’t the case. Every single step of the build, from every piece of lumber, every joint, and every seal, is precisely controlled and tested to exceed factory standards. In this way, an Autonomous WorkPod is actually sturdier than building a home office from scratch.

Each WorkPod comes fully equipped with everything you need to make your workspace efficient, productive, and comfortable. They’re sound-insulated for privacy, peace, and quiet, but with floor-to-ceiling glass doors that give you a sense of openness with the environment around you.

Your Autonomous WorkPod is completely wired and prepped with air conditioning, lighting, and outlets for your computer and any other appliances you need in your office. Just hook it up to a power source, and your entire office is totally energized -- just like you’ll be from being able to work in such an ideal working environment.

No matter what your outdoor situation is, there’s a good chance that your Autonomous WorkPod will make a great fit. Its fuss-free foundation is built to stand strong for years on concrete, gravel, grass, or brick, and can be adjusted to suit uneven ground. And if you’re concerned about the weather, don’t be. The WorkPod is built to withstand temperatures from 60-below zero to 122 degrees, while its clever elevation fights off insects, heat, water, and mold.

Here’s a complete list of what your all-inclusive Autonomous WorkPod comes with:

  • SmartDesk Pro - All White
  • ErgoChair Pro+ - Naked Grey
  • Filling Cabinet - Grey
  • Dual Monitor Arm
  • Anti Fatigue Mat
  • Cable Tray
  • Overhead lighting
  • Cooling and heating unit

So if you’re ready to optimize your work-from-home experience without any time-consuming construction projects, click here to learn more from the Autonomous WorkPod's official website.

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