Many companies are rethinking the need for office space after seeing the power of remote work in action. This change in the workplace is even affecting energy consumption, in a positive way. Advancements in technology have made working remotely easier and more environmentally friendly than ever. Unfortunately, the wider your world becomes, the more complicated it can grow. Managing and paying employees and contractors, especially when they’re scattered across the globe, is tricky business. Using Remote, however, can turn a big challenge into an easy win.

Remote’s global all-in-one platform removes headaches by consolidating and streamlining the entire HR process for businesses of any size. It allows users to stay ahead of the competition by completely simplifying the tasks of managing payroll, benefits, taxes, and local law compliance for international workers. While authorities around the world constantly update their tax requirements, labor laws, and other regulations, Remote eliminates the need for managers and human resources departments to become experts in every country. Employees and contractors also appreciate how comprehensive and convenient the experience is compared with other services.

Seamless Integration

Both onboarding and offboarding, Remote allows you to give your employees the care and consideration they deserve. From salary simulations and data collection to digital contracts, you’ll be able to onboard overseas employees without ever leaving your browser. A seamless transition guides new employees and contractors with Remote’s self-serve onboarding tools. In fact, the entire platform is totally self-serve, with everything accessible in one place.

Native Support

Recognized as the Top Global Payroll Software for 2021 by Select Software Review, they love how this “robust and modern platform” is for, “as their name suggests, remote-first teams.” Human Resources at Paystack appreciate how Remote removed the fine details and complexities of taxes, permits, and benefits across multiple geographies, so they “can focus on scaling quickly.” With its global infrastructure, Remote is able to offer stellar service and protection by actually owning local legal entities in their covered countries. This means Remote’s in-country teams of labor law experts are there to help you mitigate local compliance risks of hiring international employees and contractors.

Industry-Leading Security

Remote’s IP-Guard offers powerful protection of your intellectual property, ensuring you always retain full ownership and invention rights. With a rigorous internal security process including restricted and audited platform access, and regular vulnerability audits, Remote uses advanced measures to protect sensitive data from threats. While your remote employees and contractors are scattered across the globe, the legal and operational complexities of simultaneously dealing with multiple countries are reduced to just one simple invoice.

It really doesn’t matter where in the world you hire. It also doesn’t matter if you hire just one or 100 employees, for a month or for a lifetime. Remote has no minimum employee counts or contracts. With accessible, flat, and flexible pricing, users of Remote are charged just one low price. A transparent price without any hidden fees. And for a limited-time, readers of Futurism can get 50% off Remote’s global employment solution costs on your first employee for the first three months.

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