For millions of diabetics around the world, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems are necessary for maintaining and monitoring their health. Until recently, this has typically been costly, invasive, and a general nuisance. Which makes the arrival and regulatory approval of SugarBEAT—a minimally-invasive CGM system that’s more affordable, is minimally invasive, and allows users to decide when to wear it—something to look forward to.

Created by Nemaura Medical, based in Loughborough in the United Kingdom, each package will include a daily disposable skin patch, and an adhesive sensor to cover it. A smartphone installed with the SugarBEAT app can then easily track the body’s blood sugar levels throughout the day (every five minutes) as the data is sent via Bluetooth.

The result is a convenient, low-cost and disposable way to track glucose for better diabetes management.

The SugarBEAT skin patch, and a smartwatch display of the associated app. Image Credit: Nemaura Medical
Real-Time Management

With this device winning regulatory approval, it essentially gives the millions of diabetes sufferers a way to better manage their condition. In addition, the rising obesity rates, plus the increasingly sedentary lifestyles of today's populations, demand a closer monitoring of important factors, such as the body’s glucose levels, to ensure overall health. This enables better management of diabetes and provides a way to better understand the varying lifestyle factors that contribute to the condition.

The device also allows for accurate and more efficient sharing of data between the patient and the physician. The gathered readings and data can easily be passed to a doctor as well as family members or caretakers.

The system is expected to be released in the market by the end of this year in Europe and is currently in the process of completing a second pre-submission to the US FDA to commence studies in the US by 2016.

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