When news of Elon Musk and Claire "Grimes" Boucher’s split broke, the Internet responded with an outpouring of sadness at the deterioration of a once beautiful, promising relationship, causing many to ruminate on the nature of love and its ultimate brevity in the grand scheme of human existence.

Just kidding. People responded with jokes and memes, of course. 

A lot of folks on Twitter in particular took the couple’s breakup as a chance to flex their creative muscles with some pretty, frankly, hilarious tweets. The posts ranged from the poetic:

To the scenic: 

To the academic: 

Many users even had some shared speculation that the couple’s "Saturday Night Live" appearance might have had something to do with the relationship’s demise. 

Some took the opportunity to revive some of the old  X Æ A-Xii Musk memes from when the couple’s child was born in May 2020. 

Whatever you think about it, there’s no question that the couple’s relationship was quirky enough to raise a few eyebrows when it was first announced. After all, a billionaire entrepreneur and an experimental dream pop artist aren’t exactly what you’d think of as a traditional match. 

But the pair managed to make it work for at least three years until recently when Musk told Page Six that the two were "semi-separated." The Tesla CEO attributed his work at SpaceX and Tesla as being a primary factor, but insists that the two are "on great terms."

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