"Let me assure you, this is the best planet," said Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos at the 3rd annual Code Conference on Tuesday as he expressed his passion for space and his plan to save the Earth.

While Elon Musk intends to have colonies on Mars established, Bezos wants to move the heavy industries off-planet. He explains, "you shouldn't be doing heavy energy on Earth. We can build gigantic chip factories in space."

This in turn, he furthers, would leave the Earth a residential and light-industry zone.

Bezos estimates that the transition should happen in a few hundred years, given that energy is limited here on the planet. Perhaps these factories and facilities would rely heavily on solar power. "The Earth shades itself, in space you can get solar power 24/7."

In the near future, the Amazon CEO intends to ramp up the space industry by building infrastructure that could significantly improve launches and send more people up in space for both leisure and exploration.

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