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It's no secret that our planet is warming at an alarming rate, resulting in — among various unfavorable things — melting ice caps, which, in turn, lead to rising sea levels. If the trend holds up over time, many coastal cities will be underwater in a few decades (in fact, Carteret islanders of Papua New Guinea have already made history by becoming the first community to permanently evacuate because of global warming).

Climate change and rising sea levels aren't the only issues people of the future will have to contend with, or scientists of the future will have to combat; things like pollution (examples include acid rain and smog), overpopulation, and deforestation will pose their own set of problems. However, a few scientists and engineers are actively looking for solutions in the present.

In one of the more inventive proposals, a Japanese company has released conceptual 'blueprints' for what might be the world's first underwater city. The 'building,' which they assert could come to fruition as early as 2035, comes with all the conveniences of modern-life — including electricity, fresh water, and enough space for over 5,000 people to live comfortably.

Being that it would even recycle CO2 emission, it's also eco-friendly! They expand on the project on their website:

The main formation itself would be around half a mile in diameter, with an anchoring system that extends more than a mile into the ocean floor. In addition to living spaces, businesses and hotels, there is also room for a deep sea gondola route and numerous scientific facilities (including a deep sea sound wave monitoring facility, and a facility for monitoring seismic activity).

You can see more conceptual images in the slider below:

(All images courtesy of the Shimizu Corporation)

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