The world's newest space telescope, decades in the making, is supposedly going to take off on Christmas Day — and you best believe the internet has something to say about it.

NASA announced yesterday that the uber-expensive James Webb Space Telescope — controversially named after the former NASA administrator who also helped purge gays from the State Department — should be cleared for liftoff on December 25. As space-watchers' anticipation reaches a fever pitch, so too have the memes been flowing.

Here's some of our favs:

James Webb Trans Telescope

Posted on one of the dates the JWST was supposed to be launched, this cute little illustration feels like a double entendre because of Webb's homophobia. It might not have been enough to get NASA to rename the successor to the Hubble, but it sure did make this astrophysics fanart even more satisfying.


Referencing both the "photography is my passion"-ass photo NASA used to announce that it was delaying the launch of the JWST for the third time in six weeks and those launch delays themselves, this meme is meta, a primary flavor enjoyed by space nerds.

You Belong With Me

This crossover meme takes the lengthy timeline of the JWST's development and mashes it up with the pan-Twitter trend of threading random things that ostensibly "look like" usually-female celebrities. To their credit, this user was very thorough and saw it all the way through.

Clown Paint

Because the JWST schedule has been repeatedly "slipped" — NASA parlance for delayed — this one speaks for itself, and is even funnier to see on yet another missed scheduled launched day.

Happiest Season

If the telescope does, in fact, end up being launched on Christmas, it will invariably be a gift to humankind — but there's no reason memers can't have a little fun with it.

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