Driving is one of the major contributions we make, as consumers, to climate change. The average passenger vehicle dumps 4.6 metric tons of CO2 into the atmosphere every year, according to EPA estimates. Switching to an EV reduces those emissions — and now you're being offered a chance to win a Tesla Model 3, as part of a giveaway supporting the Playing For Change Foundation.

Why Arts Education Matters

The Playing for Change Foundation is a is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring kids around the world have access to music and arts education. Currently working in ten different countries, the foundation helps music educators secure resources, develop curriculums built on local and regional artistic traditions, and provide ongoing support. Furthermore, it helps cultural ambassadors find jobs that support where they live, forming stronger roots in their communities.

Arts education is more than just fun for kids, though. The evidence is piling up that arts education reduces disciplinary issues, helps with emotional connections, and raises grades across the board. That's especially important in regions of the world where schools are hard to get to or families experience economic pressures; the more successful kids are, the more committed families are to keeping them in school.

It also helps to preserve cultures as the world shrinks and we become more connected every day. The UN estimates that 90% of the languages spoken on Earth will go extinct in the next century, as it becomes necessary to interact with the broader world. Learning traditional arts helps preserve those languages and traditions for future generations.

Why A Tesla?

Cultures are threatened by climate change as well. As areas become wetter or drier, climate change will force millions of people to flee their traditional homes. In some cases, their country and ancestral lands will simply no longer exist, either consumed by rising oceans or rendered uninhabitable on a permanent basis by changes in weather patterns.

In the process, access to land, food, and traditions will be lost, families will be separated, and new social pressures will be introduced. And no matter how careful the move is, and how much effort is put into preservation, some cultural change — and loss — will be unavoidable.

Making different decisions on a personal level can have a profound impact across the globe, and part of that is how much carbon and other greenhouse gases we put out on a day-to-day basis. Switching to an EV for your passenger vehicle will cut the average American's carbon footprint by 25% and have effects both up and down the supply chain. After all, the less gas we burn, the less fuel needs to be spent hauling, refining and pumping it.

When you make a donation to Playing For Change through this giveaway, you'll be entered to win a standard 2021 Model 3, Tesla's luxury sedan—in Pearl White multi-coat paint with 18" aero wheels, and an all-black partial premium interior—featuring advanced automated features and top-notch design.

How The Giveaway Works

Excited to help kids and get a shot at a Tesla? All you need to do is donate through a purchase of giveaway entries, starting at $10 for 100 entries. And the more you donate, the more entries you get, with $100 landing you 2500 entries. For more details, you can find the full terms and conditions on the giveaway page.

Entries are accepted through December 31, 2020, so you've got plenty of time to pick up a chance to win. Really, though, when kids get access to music education, everyone wins.

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