Self-driving cars are the future, albeit a future that keeps getting delayed. Yet while adults are waiting for the full sized version, kids can build their very own self-driving car, or anything else their imagination can create.

This DIY Autonomous Vehicle Kit gives families everything they need to build a small-scale robot car of their very own. It's on sale for just $224.99 (reg. $249).

Award-Winning Science Kits

The winner of the inaugural Smart Toy Awards from the World Economic Forum, and built with input from Ford Otosan, this kit has everything you need to construct a self-driving anything. It includes all the components and instructions to build multiple projects, including a truck that you train to avoid obstacles, one that will follow a line you lay down, a smart production line, and even a smart parking gate.

The kit is fully compatible with LEGO, so you can bring your creations to life or add new features to that castle. And it teaches kids STEAM skills as they assemble pieces and try out the different projects.

Learn As You Play

Each project you build from the kit is designed to lay out the fundamentals of automation. Using a friendly coding system that's easy to pick up and learn, it lays out how machine vision, motion sensing, and deep learning are helping robots learn to navigate human spaces.

Also, since the kit is flexible and extensible, once you're finished with the projects, you can incorporate it into other projects you're building. And since the code is easy to start experimenting with, it frees young thinkers up to try new approaches and see what works.

The best way to learn is through ways that tap into natural curiosity. This kit helps reward that curiosity while building skills for the future.

Get a DIY Autonomous Vehicle Kit for $224.99 (reg. $249).

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