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Want To Win Your Own Lambo? Enter This Contest From Mr. Beast

You'll definitely win a Lambo from MSCHF and MrBeast, you just won't know whether it's a toy, an RC car, or a $450,000 fine piece of Italian engineering!

12. 2. 21 by Futurism Creative
Image by StackCommerce

There’s no daytime talk show but you’ll still get a car when you enter this sweepstakes from home. Fronted by the famous YouTuber Mr. Beast, you can enter to win a new Lambo, guaranteed! There’s just one catch though…you have no idea how big that Lambo is gonna be. Will it be a die-cast toy Lambo, a remote-control Lambo, a kid’s Ride-on Lambo, or a full-sized sports car?

As part of our Cyber Monday Sale, we are taking 20% off the entry fee for this sweepstakes when you use the code CMSAVE20. Enter the Mr. Beast + MSCHF Everyone Gets A Car contest for just $28 (reg. $35).

The fun of the sweepstakes experience centers on winning prizes from MrBeast and MSCHF, the next generation street-art collective. Whether it’s a souped-up luxury car that purrs like a kitten or a buzzy little remote-control sports car, you won’t be left empty handed! You’ll only pay $28 for a chance to win a $450,000 Lamborghini Aventador Coupe. It may still need a windshield, but the Aventador is a sports car that will make any gear-head drool.

The Aventador Coupe is a beloved car built by Lamborghini, and the quality is through the roof. Car And Driver gave the Aventador a 10 out of 10 stars in the their review, saying that “The final Aventador is a flamboyant, loud, and positively glorious hyper car.” They went on to say that the Aventador, “Still looks exotic after all these years, V-12 pulls at our heartstrings, drives like a big ballet dancer.” This piece of fine Italian engineering could be yours for just $28.


As MSCHF’s glorious mashup of hype-beast and luxury combined with Mr. Beast’s pioneering genre of YouTube stunts, this sweepstakes is an event that you’ll want to be in. Enter the Mr. Beast + MSCHF Everyone Gets A Car contest for your chance to win an Aventador for only $28 when you use the code CMSAVE20.

Prices subject to change.

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