If you’re at all a fan of science fiction, you’re living through the glory days. From HBO to FX to Starz, from Netflix to Amazon Prime to Hulu and more, we've seen WestworldAltered Carbon, Man in the High Castle, Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams, Black Mirror and more envelop pop culture, become huge hits, and rack up some awards while they're at it.

They've all also got one thing in common, something quite a bit of sci-fi shares, generally. And that's the way they don’t exactly paint the future as a fun place to be.

And that got everyone here at Futurism Studios thinking about what we're not seeing in sci-fi storytelling. With such a glut of options out there, and all of those options painting the same kind of future, is there actually, somehow, a lack of imagination in the most imaginative genre there is? Even more:

What would science fiction storytelling that paints the future as an exciting, exhilarating place to be look like?

Glimpse: The Future We Need to Be Talking About

Take a Glimpse into the future. You won’t be disappointed.

Posted by Futurism on Thursday, September 13, 2018

It's harder to find an answer to that than you'd expect. And that's how we decided to take things into our own hands, and write and produce our own short-form fiction series, oriented around real science and work of the world's futurists and cutting-edge technologists—effectively, the kind of stuff you see on Futurism.com every day. It’s just a small glimpse of what’s possible if we go from asking ourselves of the future about the worst possibilities, and start asking ourselves about the best.

Geoff Clark, President of Futurism Studios and Executive Producer of Glimpse, had a little more to say on the matter:

“When I was a kid, movies like Terminator, Gattaca, and The Fly fascinated me about the potential for our future. They also made me question why the future always coded, so consistently, as myopic, dark, and dystopic. We crafted Glimpse to exist in parallel with those stories—fun, nuanced narratives that showcase the other side of the coin, and futures where technology solves our problems and affords us better lives. And these ideas are just a small glimpse of what's to come—what's on the horizon, beyond the brink of these innovations.”

Futurism Studios/DUST 2018

“Almost all of the technologies featured in Glimpse can be traced back to stories we’ve covered on Futurism over the years.” says writer Luke Kingma, who is also Creative Director  for Futurism. “Because we do this full time, we were able to choose topics ones we knew our audience was already interested in. In a few cases, we tried to bring several disparate technologies together in a single storyline. You’ll see that in Day 180 and Sebastian Moller. I think that’s incredibly important for world building.”

Floris Bauer, Co-founder and President, Gunpowder & Sky added, “Partnering DUST and Futurism for an original and novel short form sci-fi series was a natural fit, specially creating content for our audiences and fans that are both interested in how technology is shaping the human condition." He continues, “Leveraging both DUST’s and Futurism’s massive followings, the series will reach more than 15MM fans worldwide, and will reach new audiences on Facebook Watch and DUSTx, our recently launched destination on Roku.“

The Executive Producers of “Glimpse” include Futurism’s Geoff Clark and Alex Klokus, as well as Gunpowder & Sky’s Van Toffler, Floris Bauer and Eric Bromberg. Glimpse was written by Luke Kingma, with Cinematography by David Farkas and was composed by DJ Gramatik & Luxas. The series features established and fresh up-and-coming talent including Tony Cavalero, Leven Rambin, Carter Jenkins, Godfrey, Sloane Avery, Martha Hunt, James Kyson, Ricardo Hurtado, Sam Daly, Jenna Leigh Green, Tyler Flores, Jessica Kemejuk, Russ Russo, Tilky Jones, Quddus Philippe,and Stephanie Styles.

The premiere episode of Glimpse, “Circuits,” drops on Sept 13th on all DUST and Futurism platforms worldwide, with one new episode releasing each week for the next seven weeks, and the show's official Facebook Watch page can be found right over here.

Futurism Studios/DUST 2018

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