Whole genome sequencing is generally seen as the cornerstone of—and the key to—the health care of tomorrow. Such an analysis could allow us to understand our disease risk and anticipate (and maybe even heal) health issues before they arrive.

Thus, it's no surprise to see that some companies, such as Full Genomes Corporation, are making genetic sequencing available to the public at an affordable price. As companies race to provide the most reliable, yet affordable, option for users, Veritas Genetics has announced that its whole genome sequencing, called myGenome, is now available to anyone - all for less the cost of a family vacation.

Genes at your fingertips

The app allows you to view your genes. Source: Veritas

For $999, you can get your entire genetic makeup sent straight to an app on your smartphone. You can then share this information with your health care provider, who can give you advice based on your genetic makeup.

Fortunately, your genes are yours to keep forever, so your doctor will be able to provide constant advice as developments in health research come to fruition.

Veritas Genetics also offers several other tests such as myBRCA, which identifies specific gene mutations that are responsible for causing breast and ovarian cancer.

Here's the catch: There are only 5,000 tests available to the public. So if you are interested, hop on this fast...wouldn't you like to know you a little better?

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