Every office has that one coworker—that person who sneaks on to your computer and posts absurd messages on your various social media pages. Fortunately, computers come with handy security features and are generally password protected.

"But!" you think, "what about those times that I forget to lock my computer?" 

Well, that's a fair point. And that's why Untethered Labs made Gatekeeper, a wireless key that automatically logs you in and out of your computer based on how far you are from your device. In this respect, your presence unlocks your computer.

In short, it's meant to ensure that there are "no more unlocked computers at the workplace." The team sent us one to try out, so let's dive in with the pros and cons.

To begin, the setup is remarkably easy (even for those who aren't terribly tech savvy). And every time we tried it, it worked like a charm. Once you've connected Gatekeeper, every time you get a few feet from your desk (and are carrying the Gatekeeper keychain), the computer automatically locks. When you return, the built-in proximity sensor kicks in, and your device automatically unlocks, so you don't need to enter in a passcode or anything.

That said, the device is $50, and if you are really concerned about ensuring that you have basic security systems in place 100% of the time, then Gatekeeper may be able to help. However, you will need to remember to carry the keychain with you. If you leave it sitting on the desk when you get up and walk away (surprise!), your computer won't lock.

Also, as was already mentioned, computers already have built-in security features. So theoretically, you could just remember to lock your computer and then enter in your passcode for free when you return.

But if you are in to all the latest gadgets and securities, Gatekeeper works without a hitch...and being your own security key is kind of neat.

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