If you don’t have a VPN because you've been waiting for the right deal to come along, well, today is the day you should finally take the plunge. That's because right now, for a limited time, FastestVPN is offering five-year subscriptions for just $50.

How good is this deal? Most premium VPN services cost between $40 and $60 per year. With this offer from FastestVPN you get all the premium features those other services offer for a fifth of the price.

So yeah, this is a pretty phenomenal deal. You absolutely should grab it while you can.

Why Should I Get A VPN?

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Why should you get a VPN at all? Well, do you think you have privacy when you go online? Do you think nobody knows what you’re buying, reading, or watching? Do you think you have online freedom? Because you don’t. Unless you use a VPN to connect to the Internet, your personal data is not fully protected, all your online activity is recorded by somebody, and geo-restrictions limit what websites and content you can access.

Every time you access the Internet, you start by connecting to your ISP, or Internet service provider. They then redirect you to your destination. However, because all your traffic goes through the ISP’s server, they see and keep records of everything you do online. And that’s only half the problem. The rest of the Internet is tracking you, too. Every time you visit a website, it logs your IP address, a unique number assigned to each device connected to a network. This number basically identifies you and your location, allowing people to track your online activity and prevent you from viewing any content they don’t want people in your location to view.

Does that make you uncomfortable? It should. All your private information and online activity can be sold, stolen, or handed over to some government agency at any time.

Luckily, VPNs can help.

VPN is an acronym that stands for virtual private network. They protect your online security and privacy by building an encrypted tunnel which you use to access the Internet. When you access the Internet through a VPN, any information you transmit is encrypted before it gets to your ISP’s servers. Then, instead of going straight from your ISP’s servers to your final destination on the Internet, your information gets routed through the VPN’s servers, which can be located anywhere in the world.

By encrypting all your data, VPNs make sure that if your information is intercepted, nobody can read it. By routing you through their servers, VPNs hide your IP address, protecting your location and identity.

Okay, so what does all this actually mean for you? It means you can shop or do online banking even on unsecured public WIFI without worrying that a hacker might steal your credit card number. It means you can access geo-restricted content anywhere on the planet. It means you can browse the web and download whatever you want without worrying somebody is going to come after you.

What Makes FastestVPN So Great?

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When choosing a VPN service, certain features are absolutely essential. Some services use outdated encryption technology that leaves your data vulnerable. Some have inadequate servers or too few servers, which slows down your connection. And believe it or not, some VPNs even keep logs of all your activity, just like your Internet service provider, completely defeating the purpose of having a VPN in the first place.

So how does FastestVPN measure up? Amazingly, despite their incredibly low price, FastestVPN has every one of the premium features you need. These include:

  • No activity logging
  • State-of-the-art 256-bit AES encryption
  • Support for all major VPN protocols, including IKEv2, OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP
  • Free ad blocker
  • Free malware protection
  • NAT firewall protection
  • Internet kill switch to prevent data leakage
  • Over 150 high-speed servers in over 30 countries around the globe
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Servers optimized for peer-to-peer traffic
  • Unlimited server switches
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Up to 10 devices on one subscription

With that list of features, FastestVPN probably sounds almost too good to be true. But it’s not. And to prove it, all FastestVPN subscriptions come with a 15-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied after two weeks, they’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

If you’re ready to get serious about your online privacy and security, you need to take advantage of this deal before it’s gone.

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