It appears that someone has hacked the payment platform used to process tickets for the annual Gathering of the Juggalos festival.

In YouTube videos and on Reddit, fans of the Insane Clown Posse — the notoriously raunchy festival's eponymous "juggalos," for the uninitiated — are saying they've been receiving emails alerting them to the breach after purchasing tickets for the 2024 Gathering that's slated to take place in Ohio later this summer.

"It is with great regret to let you know that the Gathering order you placed... is not valid and we had to cancel it," reads an email screenshot posted to the r/juggalo subreddit. "Through malicious tactics a hacker was able to break into the backend of our ecommerce platform that handles the Gathering transactions and change the recipient that your payment was sent to. Thus, effectively stealing the money."

You'd be forgiven for wondering if the juggalos receiving the email were the victims of a clever spearphishing campaign by someone pretending to represent Psychopathic Records, Insane Clown Posse's label that puts on the yearly festival. When news of the alleged hack first began spreading online earlier in the week, ICP fans weren't sure themselves.

But in a streamed discussion between juggalo influencer Flipsey Unfiltered and another fan who goes by the name Sytha, however, it appears that the hack is legit. Sytha said in the video that she'd been in contact with an employee of Psychopathic, who'd confirmed the authenticity of the email and was helping buyers through the process of filing a complaint with their payment processor to reverse the fraudulent transactions.

From the discussion, it appears that not all ticket buyers were affected, but that Psychopathic is reaching out individually to those who were.

Online discourse in the juggalo world makes it clear that there has been ample confusion, skepticism, and anger over the situation. Adding to the confusion, Psychopathic doesn't appear to have publicly addressed the situation, though Futurism has reached out with questions.

"It's a fuckin shit show," remarked one juggalo Redditor.

"Is nothing sacred anymore?" queried another.

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