Get ready to use Facebook in a whole new way.

The social media website is adding a 360-degree photo feature to its news feed. This announcement comes on the heels of the recent 360-degree video integration, which allows users to drag their view around with a finger or cursor, or move their phone around for different angles.

The new photo feature can be viewed using Samsung’s Gear VR headsets. The social media giant also intends to refine its Oculus mobile app, after a million people reportedly used the Gear VR last month with 80% of users watching videos.

While Oculus is skeptical of Facebook’s claims that virtual reality is the future of social media, it seems the social media company is serious in pushing for its move to VR.

Last month, they released their open-source design for a 360-degree camera to ensure people will play with the technology and produce content, which would hopefully produce revenue through video ads.

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