Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk initially floated the idea of going under traffic instead of over it during the first phase of the Hyperloop Pod Competition in January 2016. Then, in December 2016, he confirmed a tunnel-digging project via Twitter. A series of tweets and a change in his professional headline on Twitter soon followed, and now Musk's Boring Company is almost ready to begin digging under the streets of Los Angeles.

His most recent update about the tunnel came earlier today, March 24, as a reply to someone's tweet comparing the boring machine to the Tesla Model 3.

Things seem to be moving fast for Musk's anti-traffic tunnel, despite the CEO previously telling Wired that they "have no idea" what they're doing. L.A. is the most traffic congested city in the U.S., so if everything goes as planned, the tunnel could provide a solution to very a significant problem.

At the very least, Musk sees his efforts in digging one as a chance to improve tunneling speed. “[B]etter tunneling tech improves everything: road, subway, Hyperloop," Musk said. Indeed, this boring machine could have very exciting consequences.

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