Elon Musk has drummed up more curiosity regarding his much-talked-about plan to dig underground to create a tunnel beneath the congested roads of Los Angeles. In a recent Twitter post, the SpaceX, SolarCity, and Tesla CEO said that digging on the project could begin as soon as late February.

This sparked further conversation, and one user even asked if Musk was "seriously serious." Musk's response was a simple "Yup." Previously, Musk has mentioned forming a company to complete such projects. On Twitter, he said, "It shall be called 'The Boring Company'," though we can probably infer a lesser level of sincerity with that tweet.

Musk has spoken out often about traffic and does seem to see the need for tunneling. In an exchange with The Verge, Musk said, “I really do think tunnels are the key to solving urban gridlock. Being stuck in traffic is soul-destroying. Self-driving cars will actually make it worse by making vehicle travel more affordable.”

This first tunnel will lower Musk's travel time between SpaceX headquarters and the Los Angeles International Airport, where he takes frequent flights to Silicon Valley, the home of Tesla HQ. Though the project may seem primarily like a way to make his personal commute more tolerable and not so much a way to reduce traffic for everyone, you have to start somewhere.

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