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Elon Musk Got a Strange Haircut and We Gotta Say, “Yikes”

"Haircut looks like Zorg from 'The Fifth Element.'"

12. 3. 21 by Tony Tran
Image by CHANDAN KHANNA/AFP via Getty Images

Welp. It looks like SpaceX founder Elon Musk actually went into a barbershop and said, “Give me the Macklemore haircut.”

On Thursday, the billionaire was spotted after landing in Miami sporting a hairdo that can only be described as “terminally divorced.” Musk was on his way to attend Art Basel Miami, a hoity-toity art fair, with his son in tow, The Daily Mail reports.  



Social media was quick to jump on the meme fodder, with many instantly roasting the 50-year-old Tesla CEO for getting a haircut that’s a bit out of date even for Gen Z TikTok influencers. 


Musk’s hairdo even spurred comparisons to cartoon characters:

As well as iconic movie characters: 


And even moments in history:

On a post in the subreddit r/Pics, folks piled on the billionaire, with one user quipping that he “looks like every 14 year old I see getting dropped off at the mall.”


“He’s a Peaky Blinder now,” another user joked.

“He paid good money for those hair implants too,” another added, referencing Musk’s past baldness.

Many made more comparisons to a famous Gary Oldman role, with one user saying, “He looks like Zorg from ‘The Fifth Element.'”

It’s a bold choice for the richest man in the world. You’d think he’d be able to afford a haircut that’s more, um, flattering. As with all bad haircuts, though, it’ll grow out, Elon. Don’t worry. 


Unless, of course, it is just a hairpiece. If that’s the case, he might want to swap it out from something that’s a bit less Big Mid-Life Crisis Energy.

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