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Let’s face it: right now, most of us are watching more television than ever. And if you’ve found yourself with a little extra couch time, you might have noticed that even with an abundance of online streaming options at your fingertips, it’s easy to find yourself stuck in a rut of mind-rotting reality TV and warmed over sitcoms. So if you’re looking for programing of a more intellectually challenging nature, consider CuriosityStream, a dedicated streaming service for entertaining, informational documentary series and films with a focus on science and technology.

Created by the founder of the Discovery Channel, CuriosityStream boasts a world class streaming library of documentary content in a wide variety of educational categories, including science, history, technology, nature, society, and lifestyle. There's even a special section for kids.

If you're curious about individual programs, you should take a look at the CuriosityStream website to browse the catalog in depth. But here’s a sampling of the CuriosityStream originals that millions of subscribers already have access to with no regional restrictions:

  • Deep Time History - Explore the deepest recesses of history and how it connects with modern life through physics, geology, biology, and chemistry
  • Miniverse - Astronaut Chris Hadfield, who you might recognize from his performance of “Space Oddity” by David Bowie from onboard the International Space Station, guides viewers on an imaginary road trip across a version of our solar system that has been brought down to proportionate scale of the USA.
  • Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places - Take a guided tour of the universe with the late but legendary scientist Dr. Stephen Hawking.
  • David Attenborough’s Light on Earth - This series explores the science and beauty of “bioluminescence,” the ability that some animals have to produce light from within their own bodies.

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And that’s only the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to the CuriosityStream library. Drill down deeper and you’ll find documentary films and series on virtually any educational subject you can imagine. So this is an especially valuable asset if you happen to have a kid or two stuck in the house and looking for something to do.

The people behind CuriosityStream know that having access to a good supply of quality, intellectually stimulating entertainment is more important than ever, so they’ve cut their already low prices down to a rate that makes it harder than ever to pass up. Both annual CuriosityStream plans, the standard HD plan and the 4K ultra-high definition plan for videophiles, have been slashed by 40 percent. That means that the standard plan now costs just $11.99 for an entire year, while the 4K plan costs $41.99 a year. And if still not sold, you can still get CuriosityStream by the month instead, for $2.99 or $9.99 for 4K. And of course, both plans include unlimited streaming across any and all compatible devices with no regional restrictions.

So if you're ready to experience what a streaming service can be, head over to CuriosityStream’s official site here and sign up now.

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