After binge-watching hours and hours of everything on Netflix, your brain cells are probably crying out for something more educational than true crime documentaries, and more enriching than a sitcom you’ve already seen dozens of times. Shouldn’t there be, your brain wonders, something better out there in the streaming universe? Curiosity Stream is the streaming platform that answers this question with a very emphatic =“Yes." It offers thousands of great documentary series and films for your viewing pleasure and edification and for much less than the cost of a subscription to Netflix or Hulu.

Curiosity Stream is home to the best documentaries on the planet, many of them award-winning originals to the Curiosity Stream platform. These programs span every corner of the physical universe and beyond in terms of subject matter, with everything from science and technology to history, nature, society, and more.

Here’s a sampling of some of the best Curiosity Stream programs that you’ll be able to start watching immediately upon getting a subscription:

In the Nature category, we have Sloth Bears: Birth of a Prince. This short 30-minute documentary gives viewers an up-close and personal look at the sloth bear, best known to the general public as the inspiration for The Jungle Book’s Baloo.

If outer space is more your bag, you might be more interested in another short documentary, this one entitled Hubble’s Imager. If you’ve ever wondered how the images captured by the famous Hubble Space Telescope become legible as the stunning pictures you see shared here on the ground, this documentary will show you exactly how the process works, and how the photos captured by the Hubble’s cameras are taken and processed.

Curiosity Stream Offers The Best Documentaries In The World For Less Than $20 A Year

Curiosity Stream

More of an art history buff? Then maybe you’ll enjoy programs like Leonardo: The Mystery Of The Lost Portrait, which explores the ways that a purportedly lost work from the famous artist reveals new depths to knowledge about the man’s life apart from the canvas.

These are just three out of thousands of programs available to all Curiosity Stream subscribers, but the main point is that you can find entertaining and informative viewing for almost any subject under the sun (and beyond). And if you sign up for an annual subscription, it all costs less than $20 per year.

Even month-to-month, Curiosity Stream is a relative bargain at just $2.99. And if you’re a videophile with a 4K setup, you can get all of Curiosity Stream’s programming in sparkling ultra-high-definition for $9.99 per month, or just $69.99 per year -- which is still less than what you might pay for many other streaming platforms. Curiosity Stream is also free of any regional restrictions, so you’ll have access to the whole library of titles no matter where you are in the world.

So if you’re ready to embark on a new adventure of learning instead of vegetating in front of your TV, sign up for a Curiosity Stream subscription now, and start enjoying award-winning, exclusive, and original content immediately. Your brain cells will thank you.

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