Binge-watching used to be considered a bad habit. But for better or worse it’s become part of mainstream culture, and now pretty much everybody admits to doing it from time to time. But all binge-watching wasn’t created equal, and what you choose to watch makes all the difference. So if you're tired of binge-watching trash TV, it's time to give CuriosityStream a try. It's the streaming service for people who love to learn.

CuriosityStream offers thousands of documentary features and educational series covering virtually every subject imaginable, including science, technology, history, nature, society, and much more. And the service's library is always expanding to include more programs, with a mix of originals and other documentaries sourced from all over the world.

CuriosityStream: A Universe of Learning for Less Than $20 a Year


For example, CuriosityStream now includes the French television documentary APOCALYPSE: WWI, a five-episode series offering “[a] detailed accounting of the horrors of the Great War using colorized historical footage.” And if you prefer to learn about something a little lighter, CuriosityStream also carries the BBC’s A Stitch in Time, a six-part series that combines “biography, art and the history of fashion” and “explores the lives of historical figures through the clothes they wore.”

While CuriosityStream has thousands of programs to stimulate the intellect of almost any viewer, they also have a solid lineup of originals that you can’t find anywhere else. There’s Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places, which follows the late physicist as he explores the universe. Then there’s Miniverse, a CuriosityStream original documentary that follows astronaut Chris Hedfield as he travels an imaginary facsimile of our solar system that’s been reduced in scale to the size of contiguous United States. The result is an exploration of the solar system as you’ve never seen it before.

That’s just a smattering of the amazing selection of documentary programs available on CuriosityStream. To get the full breadth of what the platform has to offer, you have to sign up and give it a try for yourself. Fortunately, if you sign up for the annual HD plan, it costs less than $2 a month -- $19.99 per year, to be precise. But you can also go month-to-month for just $2.99, which is still significantly cheaper than almost any other major streaming service.

Another point in CuriosityStream's favor compared to other streaming services is that it has no geographical restrictions. That means that even if you're a world traveler, you'll have access to all your favorite CuriosityStream programs no matter where you go -- which definitely isn't always the case with online streaming.

If you’re ready to expand your mind, your imagination, and your intellect, a CuriosityStream subscription is for you. So head over to the official CuriosityStream site and sign up right now, and experience everything it has to offer.

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