Most of us have been logging a lot more couch and screen time lately. And as many of our mothers used to tell us when we were kids, too much TV can rot your brain. When it comes to reality television and other low-brow shows, there might be some truth to that. But if you make an adjustment to the programming you consume, you can replace "brain rot" with a brain boost. And thanks to Curiosity Stream, replacing dumbed-down television with high-quality educational content is easier and more affordable than ever. If you love to learn, this is the streaming service you’ve been waiting for, and it costs less than $20 per year.

Sure, Curiosity Stream is a great alternative to typical streaming services. But since we don't expect you to run out and dump Netflix, it's also a worthwhile addition to your current subscriptions. For one thing, it’s the product of John Hendricks, the media visionary who gave us the Discovery Channel back in the glory days of basic cable, before reality TV took over. Just like the Discovery Channel of old, Curiosity Stream gives viewers access to a library stocked with thousands of documentary films and shows exploring every corner of our known universe, covering a range of topics including science, history, mathematics, technology, robotics, nature, and more.

New and original programs are being added all the time, like the dramatized documentary entitled The French Revolution, which comes out this month. Far from being a typical documentary made up of interviews with somber historians (not that there's anything wrong with that), The French Revolution lets viewers “[w]itness the French Revolution as never before, [and is] shot documentary-style as if you were there.” Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman narrates another new program called The History of Home, a three-part Curiosity Stream original that dives deep into the history of human habitats, from trees and caves to mansions and castles.

Speaking of "home," if you’ve got a few restless kids who are stuck inside, you’ll be especially interested to know that Curiosity Stream also has a special library of children’s programming. It includes thousands of hours of programming that is highly educational and suitable for family viewing.

Get A Year of Curiosity Stream for Only $19.99

Curiosity Stream

You can purchase access to a whole year of Curiosity Stream for just $19.99, while a month-to-month subscription is also quite reasonably priced at $2.99 per month. All the programming on Curiosity Stream is in high definition, but if you’re a videophile with an urge to learn at 4K resolution, you can opt for a 4K plan for only $9.99 per month or $69.99 per year. And Curiosity Stream is completely free of the regional restrictions that plague other streaming platforms, so you can find all your favorite shows and features no matter where you roam.

So if you’re ready to stimulate your brain instead of just vegetating on the couch, head over to the Curiosity Stream website and sign up for a subscription, today.

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