Mathematics can be intimidating, especially when you try and make sense of the academic arguments in the news. Yet math underscores our daily lives in ways we don't necessarily see, and that's becoming more true as we draw patterns out of datasets, bring an engineering mindset to more disciplines, and incorporate new technologies into our lives. The Ultimate Learn to Master Mathematics Bundle will help you put math at your command. It's on sale for just $29.99 (reg. $1,800). 

The Experts Speak

Each of the 9 courses is taught by an expert who used math in their career every day, one example being electrical engineer Ahmed Madhy (4.3/5 star instructor rating).

Instead of looking at the abstract, these instructors will show you how they use mathematics to solve practical problems, and how math skills make their jobs easier. You'll hear from entrepreneurs, computer engineers, and geophysics experts, who will walk you through concepts and their applications step by step. It's perfect for adults, teens looking to dig deeper than high school courses have time for, and anybody who wants mathematics in their list of practical skills.

Math From The Ground Up

Haven't cracked a math problem since high school? You can start with a refresher on high school level math and science before moving into a course on discrete mathematics, which forms the backbone of much practical math and computer science. 

From there, you can delve into topics in more detail, including square and cubic roots, complex numbers, exponents and logarithms, and the basics of algebra, all of which get their own in-depth courses to ease you into it.

Once you're caught up on the state of modern math, or if you're looking to apply more advanced skills, you can learn the backbone of data science to move into the field. Or if you're interested in visualizations and where math meets computer science, you can learn how to visualize mathematics using Python. 

Get The Ultimate Learn to Master Mathematics Bundle for $29.99 (reg. $1800).

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