Mathematics was once the invisible force in our lives. Yet as we've learned more about big data and algorithms, math has become front and center both academically and in furthering your career. The Mastering Mathematics Training Prep Bundle offers ten courses to get a better grip on math, and it's on sale now for just $29.99.

This bundle starts with courses on discrete mathematics, precalculus, and Calculus 1 to refresh your knowledge of mathematical concepts and lay the groundwork for the rest of what you'll learn. From there, it branches out into number bases, different ways to express a number, and number theory, which looks at the patterns and relationships between numbers.

Next, you'll learn about graph theory. Yes, generating a graph is as simple as a few button clicks, yet understanding how graphs work, and how they can express numbers, is crucial to data communication and data science.

The bundle then focuses on the more complex aspects of modern mathematics and data science. Master Clustering Analysis for Data Science Using MATLAB focuses on using the popular open-source mathematics software for machine learning approaches. This flows into Mathematical Foundation for Machine Learning & AI, which lays out the math behind both to get you started using these approaches elsewhere.

Meanwhile, Mathematics for Data Science & Machine Learning using R explores the R programming language and its connection to mathematics. The bundle wraps up with QC051: Math Prerequisites for Quantum Computing, designed to give you a background in the mathematics behind quantum computing.

The mathematical minds behind these courses offer years of expertise in math, coding, and more. This includes highly rated Udemy instructors such as computer science professor, Nouman Azam, and mathematics instructor, Miran Fattah.

Math helps us understand the world we live in, and understanding math is the key to better grades, a better career, and a better understanding of everything around you. The Mastering Mathematics Training Prep Bundle makes this math far more accessible, and at $29.99, 98% off, it does it for less.

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