We generate enormous amounts of data every day, with where we go, what we do, and how we interact with the world around us. And some fascinating insights can be drawn from that data, provided you know how to manage it. The Complete 2022 Big Data Analysis Bundle gives you the tools you need to wrangle databases and draw conclusions from the thicket of numbers.

Coding For Data

Each of the 9 courses in the bundle is taught by the team at Stream Skill (4.5/5 star rating). Focused on data management and visualization tools like Excel, over the last decade the team has taught over 600,000 students how to get the most from their databases.

Each course has been chosen with data science in mind, focusing on the different tools and techniques most commonly used. They've also been chosen for wide applicability, so no matter your discipline, they'll be useful.

Data Management For Practical Uses

To start with, the bundle looks at coding languages like Python and R through the lens of data. Aimed at those new to code, these 2 courses lay out how these languages are used to corral data sets and find patterns. You'll also learn about Qlik Sense, a data visualization tool, and Alteryx, one of the more popular data tools.

Still, if you're handling data, it likely first arrives in spreadsheet form. So the course gets into detail on Excel and PowerBI, including courses on pivot tables, power queries, business analysis, dashboard development, and other visualization. By the end, you'll have both a deeper understanding of how Excel handles data, which you can apply to other spreadsheets and data sets, and how to use that data to create the visualizations and reports you need for effective business intelligence.

Get the Complete 2022 Big Data Analysis Bundle for $75 (reg. $944).

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