We hate to admit it, but we’re all tethered to our smartphones and tablets to an alarming degree. Nobody wants to feel dependent on a piece of tech to get through the day, but those smart devices are practically glued to our hands, guiding virtually every communication and interaction. In fact, almost two out of every three Americans check their phones up to 160 times a day.

And why? For the information, that’s why. And for every piece of information we all need to check and consult, we’re creating new information at the same time. Information about what we want, what we need, where we are, where we’re going, what we’re buying, who we’re communicating with, what we like and what we don’t like. Every move we make and choice we take creates new information about you, as well as data privacy concerns.

You might think that because you made that choice involving your accounts on your devices that your information belongs to you. Most organizations from governments to major corporations to social media platforms disagree. They think if they have access to it, the data belongs to them.

If you purchased a neon orange pair of Nikes, then any company with access to that information thinks they’re ready to then market their own sneakers, bright orange products or other related items to you. If they harvested or bought the record of your transaction, they feel they own it.

TIKI begs to differ. They’re not only standing firmly with the people against the companies in the data ownership struggle, but their app is wrangling that ownership back to those creating the data. TIKI even helps the average digital user do something they’ve never been able to do before: actually sell their own data choices to those ravenous retailers and services.

TIKI wants to give you back your data

TIKI is an app that basically serves as the watchdog, advocate, agent and protector of all your digital details. With TIKI installed, the app turns its watchful eye to every app or platform you encounter like Facebook, Google and others. TIKI then gives you the choice of whether that outside business or platform can have your information and anonymizes your data if you choose to sell it.

TIKI’s interface makes the decision almost effortless. Just like perusing a dating app, you swipe left to deny a company’s wish for your data or swipe right to allow it. If you’re cool with Target noting your love for peanut M&M’s, swipe right. If you don’t want Facebook’s AI facial recognition software to track your face in all your pictures, swipe left. It’s that simple.

Of course, considering consumer data is a multi-billion dollar business, it’s only fair that if you’re offering up information about you, your life and your consumer patterns for a company’s use, that you’re fairly compensated for that data.

That’s when TIKI steps up to act as your representative. TIKI can literally help facilitate the sale of the information you choose to divulge to a company in return for its fair worth. That’s usually no more than a dollar or two, but better you get paid than a company aggregating your information themselves, right?

Your data is 100 percent fully encrypted and stored only in your devices for complete anonymity. Money from sales is fed into your own online accounts and can be withdrawn in the form of cash, cryptocurrency or even donated to a worthy cause.

TIKI seeks investors

Over 120,000 users have downloaded and taken advantage of TIKI since its launch earlier this year. The company is now looking to expand its footprint by bringing on interested investors. Potential backers can head over to TIKI's StartEngine page, evaluate the profit potential of the company and decide whether they want to invest as little as $250 for a stake in TIKI’s future earnings.

Investors like physician Rikesh Govan have already come on board, praising TIKI for its anonymized data and noting its enormous potential in other fields, including healthcare.

Get in on the ground floor of this groundbreaking data privacy solution! You can head over to the TIKI StartEngine campaign, read up and make an investment decision today.

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