We've all heard the complaint, maybe in our salad days of schooling, that we'll never use math in the "real world." But, come on: Stop and consider that you use math constantly. You calculate tips, pay off your credit card, make investments in your fintech apps, and more. And this all goes without mentioning the math, in the form of computer code, that unfolds all around us every day.

The Mastering Discrete & Financial Mathematics Bundle, just $34.99, a 97% discount, will change that with 84 hours of content explaining the foundations of everything from splitting the check to breaking down big data.

Discrete Mathematics

The course starts with 17 hours of education on discrete mathematics. Mathematics divides into two broad categories: Continuous, where you can theoretically just keep going, and this branch, which deals more with logic and countable sets. Over the 116 lessons, you'll learn the foundation of computer code, financial calculations, and more.

Number Theory

What was once called "arithmetic," number theory is the pure mathematics behind the encryption you use to protect your files and why your phone can churn out calculations ever faster, year after year. In the 63 lessons across eight hours, you'll explore numbers bases, primes, factorials, and more building up to learning how this theory lays the groundwork for the science of cryptography.

Graph Theory

How do we turn numbers into visuals? In the course of these 66 lessons, you won't just learn the ins and outs of making graphs, you'll learn why they work, how we use graphs to make sense of and find patterns in discrete mathematics, and the core of data visualization.

Master Number Base Conversion

You may have heard that computers are "binary," that is, at root, everything they do boils down to long strings of ones and zeros. That means computers think in base 2. We tend to think in base 10, but we've used many other bases throughout history, and there's even more to it then and now. This one-hour course divides bases into 12 easy lessons to give you a background in why bases matter and why humans and computers use different bases.

Pre-Calculus Mastered

Humanity has been using pre-calculus since well before we invented calculus. Trigonometry helped us navigate the seas and survey the land, while algebra pioneered the algorithm, which underlies so much of the modern day. Over 21 hours, and 112 lessons, you'll learn pre-calculus and its practical applications, as well as how it's used in a more abstract approach.

Calculus 1 Mastered

Calculus is best described as the study of continuous change and the impact of small factors on a broader system. It wasn't so long ago that this high school staple was wildly controversial, right down to arguments over who invented it that linger to this day. Fortunately, you don't have to get into the scandal to learn calc; these 93 lessons will break it down for you in simple, handy ways to master it.

Financial Mathematics: Concepts, Calculations, and Applications

The bundle closes with two courses that explore the practical side of all this abstract math. First, spend two hours learning how all this math comes to bear on markets, why discrete math matters so much to complex financial decisions, and how to use financial math for your own benefit.

Mathematics For Data Science And Machine Learning Using R

And finally, discrete math is key to data science, which is underpinning everything we do from social surfing to geolocation tools and more. This ten-hour course will explain the math behind it.

Understand the world around you in all its complexity with The Mastering Discrete & Financial Mathematics Bundle, and for 97% off, no less.

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