While there's generally something to be said for crafting things by hand, spreadsheets and data analysis don't exactly fall into that category. Fortunately, Excel is commonplace in computers across the world; so much so, that scientists have renamed certain genes so they can keep using it to crunch data.

Mastering Excel can open new doors in your career, whether you want to perform better at the job you have now, or want to add high-end data analysis to your repertoire. The Premium 2021 Microsoft Excel & Data Certification Bundle has 24 courses on Excel for just $69.99, 97% off their usual retail price, and will show you just how powerful Excel can be.

New To Excel? Start Here

If you're totally new to Excel, the bundle starts you off with a series of courses to ground you in the program.

  • The Complete Introduction to Excel and New Microsoft Excel & Office 365 Features
    will show you the bones of Excel, from how to start a spreadsheet to formulas to linking different sheets to time-saving features you can use to get work done faster. And, if you need to apply it elsewhere, Google Sheets for Excel Users lays out how to bring your new Excel skills to the free software.
  • Basic/Advanced Excel Formulas and Advanced Formulas & Functions dig into the Excel toolbox to show different ways to calculate and analyze data.
  • Data Visualization with Excel Charts & Graphs and Excel Pro Tips: Data Visualization will demonstrate how to get crisp, snappy images out of data for your presentations and materials.
  • Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables gets into how Excel uses the ever-present pivot table to clarify and explain data.
  • And Intro to Power Query, Power Pivot & DAX will explore three powerful data analysis and visualization tools that are commonly used to draw patterns and valuable information out of databases in Excel and visualize them effectively.

Advanced Excel And Power BI

Once you know your way around a workbook, you can make Excel soar, and pair it with Power BI, Microsoft's data visualization tool, as well. Start with the Advanced Excel Crash Course, and then go deeper with these courses.

  • Learn MS Excel for Data Analysis walks you through the app design process, so you can start building your own custom tools.
  • Excel VBA Tutorials: Learn Excel Programming Language introduces you to macros, and how they can automate the grunt work.
  • DAX Made Easy discusses Data Analysis Expressions and how they work with a multitude of programs, while Power Query for Excel & Power BI looks at databases and queries.
  • Excel for HR Dashboard & Analytics, 360° Financial Modeling & Valuation Course,
    and Excel for Sales Dashboard & Analytics discusses how HR departments use Excel to make the day-to-day of helping people easier, how sales departments use it to spot trends and close more deals, and how finance departments and entrepreneurs build businesses, while Project Finance Ninja Course shows you how to check the feasibility of any plan.
  • Finally, Up & Running with Power BI Desktop and Visual Storytelling with Power BI can get you started with this unique data tool, showing how to build clear, concise, and informative visualizations and designs.

Beyond Excel

If you're looking to take your Excel skills even further, or use it as a starting point for hard-core data analysis,  the bundle includes courses on Python in finance, analytics software Alteryx, SAS programming for statistical analysis, and Tableau for advanced data visualization.

Data drives the world and knowing how to make use of it drives careers. For $69.99, at 97% off, this 24-course bundle will show you how it can take your career to the next level.

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